Secernate Games Presents Yearner. Yearner is a open world video game, yearner have two multiplayer modes, normal and fantasy open world mode.


Secernate Games Presents Yearner. Yearner is a AAA rated open world video game which consists of two multiplayer modes. First mode is normal open world - It is a open world interactive learning video game mode, here our aim is to give fun, compact and interactive learning experience. Second mode is fantasy open  world - which runs on a story line with background timeline of 2030s and underlying theme of power & vengeance.

Game design

Yearner gives player absolute control; of game environments, access to creation of their character, costumes, accessories, tools, etc. But there are few limits in the game.


Yearner features some of the most stunning realistic visuals by unreal engine technology.


Yearner allows player to face one another, work together throughout character journey in RPG mode.


University, Sports Club, Driving, Third-Person View, Missions, Workspaces, Podcast, Multiplayer, RPG and Story mode.

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